The World of Rival’s Rapture

New Story! Showdown at the Saloon!

Titfight: On the newly rebuilt and renamed Rival’s Ranch, two bartendresses find themselves locked in a silent war for the tips of their patrons. Until one night, when the two busty women are left to close the saloon alone together, one decides to make their quiet struggle anything but.

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And all else that occurs between rivals when they let jealousy become hate, then hate obsession, and thereafter, a simmering silent feud come to a boil.

To a tumult that neither will ever forget — in a war they will always remember.

Their lives from that day bound and their fates coiled in eternity, as even if one wins and subdues the other, she will never again experience the same high.

The high of tangling with a foe who has invaded not just waking thoughts, but every dream — every nightmare, and in that presence, awoken passions not just unending, but unforgettable.

Their memory lingering, even when one has been bested.

Even when one has come out on top, and brought her rival to rapture.

For no matter the man or the woman found thereafter or earned that day. They are but kindle, and not the inferno.

They are but hollow, when compared to what they two rivals had.

A feud they once knew.

A passion they may chase, but never find again.

Lest they continue their struggle. Their war.

From their first grabbing of hair and locking of eyes, to a day when they are unable. To a day when all but their memories, are gray.