Site Insight: A New Home

So! After a few back and forth battles with the 50 page limit that GoDaddy has, I have come to the conclusion (after a convo where Go Daddy basically told me, Word Press makes more sense for your needs), that I will be switching to Word Press — as you can see.

So, now, after paying 300 dollars, and having monkeyed around with the tools over here a bit, I wanted to announce the move. The site, as you can see, isn’t feature-complete yet. As only one of my stories is up and only 5 of my blog posts, but it will be there soon. Feel free to keep up with the progress.

A couple of notes, despite my best efforts, I was unable to make the site a dark one, with dark backgrounds. I am sure there is a way, it has just escaped me so far. When I stumble into the solution, you can bet the site will be dark again.

When I feel like this new site is launch ready, I will transfer the old URL, to this one. Just so people can still access all of my content, without interruption.

Also, I fully intend on bringing over Hank’s writings, and opening up submissions again, since I will no longer be saddled with a page restriction.

Also, comments are built in here, so that’s a plus.

Regardless, this may impact my story writing, but I have a lot of stories that are either halfway done, or so far in they could be finished quickly. So there will be stories coming soon! Don’t worry!

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