Site Insight: So Very Pleased

When I first knew I had to make a switch from GoDaddy to WordPress I was worried. GoDaddy was just so easy. Making the site took me a day or two and everything was idiot-proof, which was great for me, since I have no experience with HTML or website design.

BUT! After about two days with WordPress, I started to get it. To understand the language it was asking me to use when building a page, and what my limitations were with each page. And now, after a week, though I know I have a long way to go, I feel confident.

The website, to my eyes, looks great. And actually, I like it more than my last site. Especially because of the top image I can put on each page. Not only does it look stylish on the main pages, but also, it gives me another space to make edits for stories. Something I love doing, as it lets me communicate to my readers how I picture the characters in my stories, and the locations in which the story takes place.

Now, some items are still absent. For example, The Rivals Blog is much smaller, as I haven’t added all of my hundreds of my Tumblr posts, but they will slowly be returning as we go forward. Also the Extras page has shrunk, though likely not in a way most of you will notice.

Still though, you can count on me getting bored and adding some bloat. Until then, however, you all get back to business as usual in reading Hank and I’s stories, and I’ll get back to writing! Updates on what I am trying to finish soon!

3 thoughts on “Site Insight: So Very Pleased

    1. Thanks! :3

      Uh, I’m assuming you’re talking about the WordPress site editor. If you are, I’d say on a computer, it’s not intuitive, but is effective. I feel like I’m getting a handle on it pretty quickly.

      On mobile, it’s garbage. If I take the chance of editing a page on my iPhone XS Max or brand new iPad Pro, I run the risk of all of my images being removed. Then, I get a warning every time I try to
      take that chance that I’m switching editor versions, even though my apps are fully updated. And if I try to copy paste text on my iPhone onto a page I’m editing, it just doesn’t work, for so many reasons I can’t even list them.

      Regardless though, on the PC it works and I like it.

      I guess I’ll just need to buy a laptop.

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