Current Mood: Finishing!

So, if you know me, you know I leap from one writing mood to another. One moment I am ravenously addicted to a specific story, then moments later I am writing a few thousand words in one tale, then a few thousand words in another.

What mood am I in right now? Well, in the mood to finish some stories. And I certainly have stories to finish. As I have about 6 stories that are about 4K or more words in. That means that if I put my mind to it and get my fingers to keys, I can probably push them out pretty quick.

So, I’d expect that to happen, that is unless my mood suddenly changes. I know, I know, such useful guidance. Anyway, here’s the one I have pushed through to basically the end. So close inf ace, I’d expect it to be rolling out soon.

Saloon Showdown

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