FCF Forum Goers Take on Katie

Note: This is from the previous site.

WriteThisWay said: “Being a bigot, or some other kind of villain, doesn’t make someone a lesser fighter. While it should factor into the equation of a story, especially if there’s a multi-part story arc, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. In the story in question, I was pleasantly surprised to see Katie win after being so dominant for most of the fight. She was the aggressor, she did the most damage, and honestly the way the story was written she needed to be the winner. It would be nice to see someone (not Riya) take her down a few pegs, maybe after a few more fights, but only if you want to continue with the character.”

LifeofRiley: “i would love to see katie kick some butt again. maybe riya comes back to get revenge only to end up beaten again to her shock.”

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