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Note: This is from the old site.

So, I got some more feedback on Parent-Teacher Confluence, and I responded to it. I thought contained within each was some insight I’d like to share with you all.

Nickname: AnonymousWriter244

Message: Hello I have read your last story “Parent-Teacher Confluence”, it was well written and as always a good cat fight. Personally I find it the fight too long but that’s just me. The main problems seems to be the ending, most of your readers surely don’t want a bigot racist to win. I, personaly, was expecting them both to find a common ground in which to express their repressed needs. Katie needed a lesson, she just didn’t learn anything out of that fight, and that lack of learning curve is what’s making your story less appealing. Just my humble opinion. (You can always rewrite it if you want and make her learn something). AnonymousWriter244 Cheers!

My Response: So, I wanted to start out by thanking you for explaining your issues with the story, and then say I agree with all of them. That being said, I wanted to explain some of my reasoning. Prior to my last few stories, I had received a couple of criticisms repeated about my stories in general, those being:1. The good guy always wins.2. That my characters end the story on more positive terms than they started. 3. That generally I lead more towards having my rivals bond than having them continue to hate each other.This story, as well as “Who Is this?”, the story before it, were answers to those criticisms. Answers meant to diversify my work, and to prove I could do the opposite of what people felt I was compelled towards. My own personal leanings, probably wouldn’t have produced this story at all, without my partner’s requests and pushing. But, had I wanted to write it, and hadn’t been on-guard to defend against the above criticisms, I would have done exactly as you suggested in all regards.That being said, I have received, at this point, equal feedback as to people either loving the villain winning, or hating it. Some are even asking that Katie continue on as a character, and take on other races of women. I say all that to basically say, yeah, I would have liked the story you suggest more myself. BUT, I am trying to write for a community with SUPER diverse taste. Leading to criticism of every turn in either direction. As you might imagine, it makes it hard to decide which to go in. To follow my heart, or someone else’s. The length was brought about by my partner asking that every move that I ended up including, was in fact included. That being said, you are right. It was too long, and I am trying to work on cutting down on some of the lead in to my stories, at least for, as before, diversification purposes.  

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