Feedback on Confluence

Note: This is from the old site

I received some feedback on my newest story, Parent-Teacher Confluence. Now, as a caveat, it came from Literotica, not necessarily a place where catfight and sexfight fans congregate. Still, though, it was feedback. The first was that the ending should have been different, specifically that Riya should’ve taken Katie as a slave.

And the second piece was that it was a 2-star effort, and less than my other works. The first comment I got a kick out of. Just because, it is in a similar vein to a lot I’ve gotten. That a story would be better if I had done something SUPER specific. Not saying that ending wouldn’t have been fun, but still… Quirky.

The second, hurt. Mostly because I don’t know exactly what it was that wasn’t worse to that reader. Was it the words chosen? The story told? The attacks weren’t a turn on? All of that? None of it? Without context, the bluntness of it just leads me to imagine and worry.

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