Author’s Insight: Two Stories Lost in Time

Note: This post is from the old site.

So recently I’ve been trying to figure out what story to work on. Think I’ve said that, so I won’t belabor the point. In that search, I’ve come across two stories that I wrote with an old friend of mine. They were never finished or posted, and frankly, I didn’t even remember what state they had been left in.

After going over them, and finding some models, I’ve discovered that one (image below) is pretty far from being a coherent story. It was supposed to be, almost in the same vein as War on the 85th Floor, a tale of two women becoming rivals from 0 to I HATE YOU BITCH! But in that way, despite me having some of the fights in and exciting, the bones for their feud just aren’t there yet. Maybe I should break it into smaller pieces? Not care as much about why and how? I don’t know, but I certainly want to get it out there someday.

But the second (image at end of post), is either super close to being done, OR halfway finished. But even apart from that possible percentage of completion, it’s an odd endeavor.

I’d say it is a rewrite, as that’s how it started. But the original story is so different than what it has become, that it’s almost a stretch to call it that.

The original story was: “THE FRENCH COUSIN” Or “TALES OF WET T” by FightWriter. It had two names, one of which (the first) seemed to have no relation to what actually happened in the unfinished story. In it, two groups of friends watch a titfight, and then though those friends seemed to vanish, the encounter became a catfight, just before the story cutoff.

The original plan of my partner was for me to finish the story, but I refused. It was just … too muddled, had too much going on, and involved too many people. Not only that, but the premise wasn’t what I like in my stories, in terms of justification or believability. Don’t get me wrong, the writer was talented and clearly didn’t get a chance to proof the piece. Still though, as posted, the state of it was rough.

So, when I said I couldn’t, my partner asked if I would just rewrite it — changing all the aspects I found lacking. With the guidelines being that it remain a titfight that upon conclusion, turns into a catfight. Well, the story and titfight, to where I have it (basically finished), is 9500 plus words. For context, Parent-Teacher Confluence, which I have been told was too long, was about 12,500.00 words long. So the question is, do I keep to the original plan and add a whole new aspect of the fight? Or end it. The partner who was looking for the transition is no longer someone I am in contact with, unfortunately. So it’s my choice. But what if it was yours?

If you have any thoughts on what I should do, message me!

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