Pawing and Grasping

Nikki and Amiko squirm with excitement, pawing and grasping at each other, as their battle begins. Each has wanted and waited, in secret, since their first meeting in freshman year to test themselves against the other.

Countless classes, social run-ins, and nights spent in self-pleasure, have been spent with image of the other’s body firmly affixed to their own. Their wait has been long and torturous, but it has finally come to an end.

It is the intensity of just that glorious thought, which makes shipwreck their composure, and threatens with imminence to turn their “sexfight” into something far less competitive and far more medicinal. For at this moment, they need more an application of antidote to the lust that has through all these years driven them each near insane. A prologue, if you will, to the marathon of battles which they shall soon wage against one another, now that their place in the other’s bed has been secured.

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