Author’s Insight: Trying to Avoid

Warning: This post is from my old site and may not be current in terms of content.

I might be alone in this, in fact, I am pretty certain I am. As I write my stories, I am constantly on lookout for things I need … I want to avoid.

Some of those things are dictated by the story I am writing. A necessity given that I want my work to touch on each of the sub-genres of our fetish-sphere, at least eventually.

That means that some of my feuds and rivalries are soft and playful, others hateful and blistering, some that are in between, or even still some, that escalate from one end of the spectrum to the other. Each of those tones requires me to steer clear of certain phrases, certain triggers, and even certain types of engagement.

Then, separately, I am also trying to stay away from my own cliches. Protagonists always winning, for example. Or fights being too soft and lusty, and not violent enough. Both of those are real examples that were brought to my attention, but there are others that nobody has ever mentioned that I am still actively attempting to quell. Like my use of “in a blink” or describing combatants collectively too often.

I’m sure that some of the items I obsess over might not be caught, or if caught, only by a few. But still, I am in chase of improvement, even when it is not tasked or asked of me. But regardless of worth or cause, such vigilance, successful or not, can make writing a story a taxing process, even if I love every second of it.

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