Story Insight: 5,000 Words…?! >.<

So, Anubis over on the sexfight forums has made a request for an upcoming community compilation book. And for that those submissions that would initially be accepted, the word cap was 5,000. No,w thereafter, Anubis graciously said he’d take a longer story, and maybe even change the way the book was laid out to allow for them.

Rather than accepting that allowance, I have chosen to aim for a new story, that is 5,000 words long. Why? Because it will be fun and won’t take too much time. I mean heck, I have written 5,000 words in a single setting on several occasions.

Now, in my first attempt, I tried fit I’m Player One! into the mold, but decided, as I wrote it, that the story, as I have imagined it, would be too soft for a book filled with fights and feuds. It being more like friends playing around, apartment wrestling, and then gently tribbing until one cums.

So, with that plan dashed, I decided to delve even deeper into my many unused pairings for one that would fit the sexfight I have come up with in my mind.

Now, I don’t have an edit for it yet, but it will actually be, in a way, a sequel to two disparate stories, neither of which have been released yet (though one is close).

Not sure that add or subtracts much, but it will be a first for me: starting with a sequel — though Dutch Dominance Denied referenced a battle that had never been and perhaps will never be told.

But, still with all of that as backdrop, 5000 WORDS?!!?!?! Jeesh! How am I going to do it, y’all?! lol

I’ll keep you all posted on my struggles, as I have them. he he

3 thoughts on “Story Insight: 5,000 Words…?! >.<

  1. 🙂 Hey, you can do it by freeing your mind. Five thousand words is child’s play.

    I recommend listening to your favourite genre of your music while you put those words together.

    Now, I do not expect you to write five thousand words in a day’s time. Instead, go for five hundred words daily (Your book will be finished in approximately eight and a half days).

    1. My friend I believe you have taken my panic in opposite of the truth. 5,000 words is far too few for me! A cage, I say! A chain to hold me at bay. Most of my stories are much longer, and so the challenge here will be brevity and the obstacle face abstention.

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