Meekly Pull

She continues to pull at your arm, but only meekly so, knowing that she will never be able to break your hold or free herself from your thigh-aided grasp.

And as she weakens, and ceases most of her struggle, you, in turn, loosen your choke, until it becomes little more than a hold – a cling – you having become now addicted to the feeling of controlling her completely.

And there, in such a tangled state the two of you lay, with you only tightening your grasp at her neck when she dares show even the slightest sign of resistance.

No words are spoken.

No mannerisms meant to message are made.

And though it may be silent, you are telling her, teaching her … that she is yours – and that her every breath comes at your allowance alone. It will be hours before you release her – nearly half a day to be exact, but when she finds freedom again she will serve you, in every way that you wish.

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