6 thoughts on “A Catfighter Catfight About Catfights?

  1. It surprises me how a toxic person like Lory is still in business.. since day 1, she’s been sabotaging other producers such as Suitefights unilaterally, claiming “NO ONE DOES WHAT WE DO” and others are fake. When in reality, they hardly keep up with their talk and promises lol.. releasing the fights late, canceling the fights last minute, coming up with endless excuses such as bad weather, emergency happened, etc. Her VK page shares fair amount of pirated videos yet she criticizes the internet for stealing her products. If one does not suck up to her opinion, he/she is immediately blocked on her SNS. She even talks shit about twitter how people only listen to what they wanna hear, when herself is the perfect example of twitter hypocrites, trapped in her own heavily-biased bubble. Even if she’s going for noise-marketing strategy, it just makes you frown since you eventually become aware of her aggressive, exaggerated BS side which cannot accept even a slightest complain or criticism.

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