Blog Insight: It’s. A. Transfer (and a chainsaw)!

So, as some of you might have noticed, I kick out about 4 new blog posts every weekday. And though I’d love to let you believe I am just that prolific in my output, really, I am just transferring my posts from the old website, which in turn, were all transferred from my various Tumblr blogs.

So, one thing you might notice is that the posts, at least of late have been very sexfight heavy. That is because when I started this journey as a fight writer, I had not yet decided to be a writer of all things combat and instead did exactly what I wanted. lol

And, though I do write and enjoy writing catfights and violence now, my heart, left unchecked wanders towards a more sensual method of competition.

Now, that isn’t to say I don’t have catfight blog posts from Tumblr to bring over — I just have less. A lot less. So, sorry about that.

2 thoughts on “Blog Insight: It’s. A. Transfer (and a chainsaw)!

  1. I did a quick search and came up empty for a conversation, unfortunately can’t recall anymore if it was fictional or fact, where a fan started to explain the workings of the world he likes so much, and this dude comes up saying he didn’t mean in that way, or that other thing wasn’t intentional.

    So the fan got enraged and demanded to know who the other person was, so he said he was the writer, to which the fan replied “What does that got to do with anything?”

    I see the core difference between us not just in the fact that you’re a sexfight writer, and I’m not, but also in the fact, that you write whatever yo u wish or on occasion being asked, whereas I’m enslaved to a scene I see before my eyes, that compels me to write.

    Don’t apologize for something that makes you good.

    1. You’re right in that I shouldn’t apologize, but I just feel this need to be more than just a sexfight writer. Similar to when Eric Clapton rebelled against being labeled a blues guitarist. To him it was not only limiting but an insult. Like, he couldn’t play guiter for any genre other than the Blues.

      Not saying that rejection of the title or fear is justified, just explaining what drives me to not only apologize, but to strive to write stories in multiple genres.

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