Step-Mother, and Step-Daughter

Oh so softly do they slip their hands into each other’s panties, teasing each other with their fingers, each letting the other dwell in the anticipation of the pleasure that is about to begin. As they so play, their lips touch gently, in one spot, then another, before they are pulled back slightly, only to find each other again. The very tips of their tongues dance together, pressing together only slightly, before retraction, restrained by their mutual desire to keep their engagement slow, and the lust in the other building.

In such a way have they come together, driving each other’s hearts to beat near uncontrollably with excitement, neither being in any rush or feeling any pressure to battle more aggressively. For this, is their new norm. Step-mother, and step-daughter. Wife and child. Each together having decided to determine who is truly the woman of the house, not through screaming or yelling – threats of removal from the house or enacted plans of causing a divorce, no … they have chosen this. A battle of womanhoods. Monthly, weekly, daily, or whenever either feels that control must be established or asserted.

And though this may be only their first battle, and the first times their bodies will come together to determine which woman in the house should wear the crown, their engagements will go on for years, decades, each finding in the other the perfect release – the perfect partner, with which they may softly, gently, and lustfully, work out their aggressions.

4 thoughts on “Step-Mother, and Step-Daughter

    1. Well, this isn’t a full story, but I’m guessing you’d like to see it become one?

      I’ve been looking for a sexfight co-pilot. How would you feel about taking that role? he he

  1. Like a P.S. to my previous post : Sorry guys i have not a personal URL. So i used the one of hostboard where i am a senior member for many years.

  2. I am in !! RivRap (if you can stand to call you this short way) i am in heven here !!! I di NOT expected your site to be that good !!!
    I have many ideas, i want to find commission writers, i want to chat with people there ! Where to start i am so new here…
    By the way… I do NOT forget your promise mister ! LOL About BSQ, one of the hottest sexfight NOVELS (if not fictions !) i have ever read and i still read. (OK, sexfight fiction surrounded by catfights, titfights, kissfights, whatever… LOL )
    Be well my friend !! Welcome me to sexfight heaven !!

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