Entire Lives Without Doubt

It is often the case that fit, beautiful women go through their entire life in control of their sex life. They accept drinks from only who they wish at the bar, take out there headphones on the tram for only the most attractive of suitors, and with an amused smirk do they swipe left on every male without a six-pack, and a clear bulge in his jeans on Tinder

And that is their right, for they have worked hard for their body, and spent hours upon hours learning how to keep their hair and makeup on point. But it is exactly that power, that confidence, that expectation of control, that makes a collision between two such women so very intense.

For what they want has always come to them, fawned over them, begged for even the briefest moment of interaction. But suddenly, a woman with a body no less mesmerizing, and a face no less pretty stands between them and their prey.

It is shocking, frustrating, maddening – driving such women to obsess over she who stands in their way – she who in her own pursuit denies them. For so unique it is for them. Resistance. Challenge. Obstacle.

Until they meet – until they battle – until they settle it. With one moving on, again unimpeded, and the other dealing with a new reality, where they do not always get what they want.

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