Taking the Blonde’s Life for Her Own

Janae has already beaten Becky, forcing her to cum, as she rode her clit-to-clit on the carpet just inside the doorway where the two met to talk. In so doing, the brunette earned the right, as agreed upon, to take the sobbing blonde’s husband and all the wealth, power, and prestige that comes with him.

Now, as a parting gesture, before the loser is thrown naked into the street outside of a home that was hers not an hour earlier, the victor forces her beaten rival to clean out the future sheath of her gambled-away husband’s cock.

And though she finds herself rocked by waves of pleasure with every stroke of her lesser’s tongue, Janae finds just enough focus between screams of excitement and ecstasy to describe exactly how much she will enjoy fucking Becky’s husband, and taking the blonde’s life for her own.

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