Neither is Sure. Neither is Certain.

Neither is sure. Neither is certain.

Speaking not of their willingness, of that they are resolute in their desire to test each other’s bodies.

But it is of the outcome, the consequences, and the aftermath that they are concerned.

Even if one rival is able to bring the other to orgasm – defeating her in the most intimate way possible, will their competition truly be over? Will the loser leave and allow the other to date David, to marry him, to have a life with him uninterrupted?

Or will they return seeking a rematch, or even worse, forcing their precious David to choose, despite their secret settlement.

Or what if they tie? Will they really share him as they mutually decided before disrobing?

Every question is terrifying. Every answer more so. But neither fear measures up against the thought of backing out now, and showing their rival even the slightest sign of weakness. For as much could bring either’s world crashing down around them.

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