Ahna Brown’s Stories

About the Author

I grew up in a violent world. As far back as I can remember, I had always been fighting. Whether it was against foster brothers or sisters, kids at school, and even against my last foster mother. I channeled all of my rage and hate into fighting.

As I grew older and wiser, after more than one night in jail, I decided I needed a different outlet. I turned to reading and movies. But with everything I read or everything I watched, I longed for the female characters to fight. A primal desire to be the best. When I discovered the internet and the plethora of stories about female fighting, I was hooked.

I have always been a fan of westerns. The six guns, the horses, the hard life, the saloon girls. But what I didn’t see was the women as the focal point of the movie or story. After talking with some other authors of catfight stories, I decided to write my own. Build a world where the women are the key characters. I have tried to add in historical figures and their myths in some cases into the story. Since joining the Free Catfight Forum and meeting wonderful people, many of my friends there have become characters.

I do plan to write some other stories, some lighter, some much darker about my life and the trials and tribulations I have gone through. I hope you all enjoy. 

Ahna Brown’s Stories

The Wild West Wildcats Series

My mother threw the shirt she was holding at the blonde, who fired but missed and my mother tackled her to the stream. Both were only dressed in simple cotton dresses that were immediately soaked to their skin. Over and over they thrashed in the water, pulling hair, slapping at faces and even pulling at their dresses. The gunshot had alerted the Union soldiers and a few rushed over to where we all were and jumped into the water to pry my mother and the blonde apart. The two women were now topless and their chests sported scratches. They kicked and flailed at the other as the men separated them.

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A sheen of sweat from the fire and body to body contact, formed over their skin. Streaks of dirt adorned their magnificent bodies. They clashed together again and went down rolling in from the dirt to the grass. Again, Lucie opened the redhead’s legs but this time their flowers were ready. Moist and inviting, the two womanhood’s met in a clash of sopping folds. The moaned at the first touch of their labia and started rough and energetic trib as hands held hair for control and large breasts ground together. They rolled slower now, when each was on top they ground down and the girl on the bottom bucked up. Clits became unsheathed and pushed past warring lips to slash and parry like two swords.

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The coos and moans from lips were getting louder as the sexfight got fiercer. Hips slapped together as each woman tried to pry the other’s thighs open. Bella was able to roll on top and stay there. Her rump flexed as she pushed her womanhood towards her rivals. Kristina groaned as her thigh slowly opened more to the busty blonde. Bella’s right hand shot out and pressed down on Kristina’s throat as she pumped her sex in. They fleshy flowers parted open, slick with arousal from the constant womanly contact. The small flesh swords unsheathed and sought the others. Kristina twisted her hips from below and her clit stabbed into the flesh folds of Bella. The blonde threw her head back in a loud groan of pleasure.

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We charged again and the momentum had us stumble out the barn and into the wooden horse’s trough, with both of us plunging under before the trough broke and we fell out into a new muddy ground. Hands re-gripped hair as our large breasts pancaked together and pushed out our sides. Our legs snaked around the other and we rolled in the muck and mire. Mud covered us from head to toe and if someone would have come and found us, they would not have been able to tell us apart. We kept rolling until our backs met dry dirt and we worked our way to our knees. Mollie grabbed my throat and squeezed. I thought I was a goner and swung out with my right fist and it hit her just below her left ear. Then she crumpled to the ground with me falling on top.

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“Let me know when you’ve had enough,” Diane huffed out.

“Same goes for you cow turd,” Ahna answered in a breathy response.

“Ohhhh!” The two women groaned together.


“Oh no you did not just hit me,” Ahna exclaimed.


“Why you bitch, you!” Diane cried out.

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“I don’t have nor will I ever have a mistress, unlike that cow, Bella you please at night, whore,” Ewa shot back. “She wasn’t woman enough to stand up to Kristina, just like you are not woman enough to beat me.”

“BITCH!” Sabrina cried out and rushed at her rival.

The two women came together in a wild melee of swinging arms and kicking legs. Neither looked to be trained fist fighter but they did manage to land a shot here or there. But it didn’t take long for fingers to comb through thick hair, dark and light and start to pull. Each woman remained on her feet as heads were pulled back and forth. Sabrina used the nails of her left hands to rake them down Ewa’s pretty face. I winced as I heard the woman from Europe scream. Ewa grabbed the nose and lips of the blonde from Georgia and gouged her nails in. Sabrina let out a shriek that could have woken the dead. Each pushed away from the other and hands went to faces to check. Each hand came away with blood on it. They rushed at each other again.

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More Coming Soon!