So, maybe you stumbled across my site on Instagram or Twitter. And when you did, you discovered fight stories and images turn you on in a way you never expected or imagined.

Having tasted it, you want more — need more. Below is where you will find it. Our community.

Welcome home.

Looking for more people that are into female combat and competition? They’re pretty much all hanging out at Free Catfights; so head on over, and tell them Rival’s Rapture sent you.


It’s often broken, sometimes barren, and occasionally clique-ish, but it does contain some of the hottest sexfight and titfight fiction you can find.

Stories written by writers as good as, and on occasion much better than I. So if you like my work, and want more stories to read, do head on over.


Here’s the thing. This forum exists. It’s not my cup of tea, and like all the forums on Reddit, it’s madness. That being said, you might find some of what you’re looking for there. Maybe….


Alright, so…. The forum software used for the Sexfight Forum is garbage. I know it, you know it, and luckily, they know it too. So … we’re switching! To Google Groups. Yeah, yeah, big brother. Oh god, but my family might be fapping to my catfight story! Whatevs…. Make a new GMail, and let’s go!