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Not everyone has a vast catalog of stories. And not everyone wants to share their entire library, in full, here on Fights.Sexy , even if they have one!

And this page will be the home of those smaller sets of submissions. Enjoy!

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Tits and Bast by MoboFair (Zev95)

A CATfight/sexfight between DC Comics Catwoman and Marvel Comic’s Black Cat!

Mmmmm, it’s so good! Read it!

Alpha Rivals by Aviendha33

A self-titled catspat between a wife and mistress. A battle to make sure hubby comes to his out-of-wedlock meetups prepped and ready to be ravished.

Ultra hot. Must Read.

The Dare by Octopussy

A friendly wrestling match between wives entertains and delights!

Give this new writer the read she so deserves!

More Coming Soon!

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